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Unusual Waters

Title: Unusual Waters
Beta: ms_poka
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Humor
Summary: Yunho had no clue what to do with the handsome stowaway that had no intentions of leaving or giving up on seducing him.

A couple of weeks late birthday gift for my ummar, atriums. ♥

Yunho sighed as he angled his neck, determined to get rid of the slight pain he felt shooting up it. He massaged it slowly as he made his way below the ship’s deck to where his room was.

It’d been a long day for him, and while their escapade had proven to be successful for they had managed to make off with at least half of an irritating merchant’s goods – there was one thing he wished he hadn’t left behind.

He wished that he hadn’t left behind the merchant’s handsome son that had caught his eye since his first day of reconnaissance. Yunho let out a longing filled sighed as he remembered the boy’s delicate features, his remarkably red lips, his angular yet slim frame, and his stunning voice.

Yunho sighed – no doubt the boy would be the subject of his upcoming dreams for much longer. Everything was still vivid in his memory and from the way the younger man had flirted with him, he was sure that he’d have more than enough memories to last for at least six months.

The ship captain groaned in frustration and walked faster, determined to relieve himself of his sexual frustrations. He swung his door open and just as he was about to unbuckle his pants, he recognized the figure sprawled over his bed.

“What are you doing here?” Yunho yelped, quickly withdrawing his hands and slamming against the door in surprise.

The younger man sat up sleepily and frowned at Yunho, “I thought I’d go along with you. You don’t mind, do you?” he questioned calmly, “You didn’t seem like you were going to take me along, so I decided to –“

“I’m not a kidnapper!”

“It’s not kidnapping if I went along with you, now is it?” he muttered irritably as if Yunho was the most stupid person in the world. He settled back onto Yunho’s bed and buried his face into the pillows. “I’m sure father won’t mind.”

“You can’t just –“ Yunho gaped helplessly as he watched the younger man unbuttoned his shirt and got even more comfortable on the bed. “You can’t just force yourself upon me like this!”

“I’m not forcing anything,” his visitor mumbled irritably, “I know you want me.” He raised his blonde head and stared at Yunho, “You want me…don’t you? I noticed the way you watched me all the time.”

Yunho gaped, and the younger man just continued.

“Won’t you join me?”

Yunho blinked, and he had to control himself from jumping the younger male when he watched him take off his under shirt. He swallowed hard and watched the muscles flex on the other man’s body.

It’s kidnapping. It’s rape. It’s a bounty on your head that you don’t need.

The young man slipped out of his pants, and Yunho’s head was swimming with desire.

His supposed prisoner pouted, “Why are you still there?” A hand trailed across his chest, and the man licked at his lips, “You remember my name, don’t you? It hasn’t been that long since you –“

“Jaejoong, what are you doing?” Yunho stammered as he watched the other man slip out of his last remaining article of clothing.

Jaejoong frowned, “I’m seducing you, what else does it look like?”

Yunho shook his head, “I can’t - I can’t,” he apologized before he ran out of the room and into his first mate’s quarters.


Jaejoong frowned at the tall man that entered the room. He’d dressed himself after Yunho’s surprising rejection, and the pirate had refused to come back inside the room while he was in it.

“Where’s Yunho?” Jaejoong questioned moodily as he took the tray of food out of the tall man’s hands, “Who are you?”

“I’m Changmin, Yunho’s first mate,” the tall man said in explanation as he took a seat on the chair closest to the door. He crossed his long legs and raked his eyes over Jaejoong’s body, “You’re much prettier than the last stowaway that snuck into Yunho’s bedroom.”

Jaejoong paused, his spoon halfway to his mouth, as he took in Changmin’s words. He frowned, “What?”

“You can’t honestly believe that you’re the first person to think Yunho’s handsome, do you?” Changmin chuckled and shook his head, “In almost every other port we stop at, there is some girl that sneaks her way onto the ship and demands for one of the sailors to seduce her.”

Jaejoong blinked, “What happens then?”

“The idiots comply with the girl and get imprisoned on charges of rape at the next port while the wise ones know better and throw the girl off the ship.”

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes, “You’re lying.”

“Only about the latter part,” Changmin replied with a shrug. He smiled at Jaejoong in amusement, “I’m serious about the first part though. You do know that Yunho’s a wanted criminal, don’t you? Getting accused of rape is probably the fastest and best way into getting him imprisoned.”

“I wouldn’t accuse him of that,” Jaejoong mumbled, “I know he likes me. It’s obvious. He constantly bumped into the stalls as he followed me around my hometown, and one time he got hit by a rickshaw as he followed me across the street.”

“Yunho’s never been known to be graceful, but he’s wiser than most. Tell me, if you fluttered those pretty eyelashes at a naval officer and told him that Yunho raped you, do you honestly think that a naval officer wouldn’t believe you?”

“But –“

“Knowing that you’re the son of one of the richest merchants around, who wouldn’t believe what you said? Do you think that people would believe that you actually want to stay on a pirate ship and that you would actually want the attentions of a pirate?”

Jaejoong huffed, “I wouldn’t do that to him.”

“Yes, but Yunho doesn’t know that. He has to be sure,” Changmin replied sagely as he stood up and brushed his pants of dust, “I’ll be keeping an eye on you. If I think that your motives are not of benefit to the captain, then I really will make you walk off the plank and into shark infested waters.”

Jaejoong watched Changmin leave and as soon as he was alone in the room, he shoveled food into his mouth.

It seemed he would have to rethink his plans of seducing Yunho and would have to focus on gaining his trust. Jaejoong glanced at the table beside the bed and noticed the large shirt that rested upon it.

It looked like it belonged to Yunho.

A devious smile stretched across his lips, and he stripped off his own shirt then put on Yunho’s. It hung loosely on his body, and it exposed more skin than necessary on his smaller frame.

Jaejoong smiled happily to himself and continued eating.

Gaining someone’s trust didn’t have to be boring.


“Oh God, what is he doing?” Yunho questioned in exasperation as he watched Jaejoong leave his quarters and make his way around the deck, his hips swinging in an enticing fashion. He also did not fail to notice the bare skin that was exposed by the loose shirt that Jaejoong was wearing.

Jaejoong was wearing his shirt.

“It seems like he’s seducing you captain,” Changmin answered with a shrug as he glanced down at the map he was holding, “I also think that he’s doing a rather good job of it as well. You’re drooling.”

Yunho frowned at his first mate and braced himself for Jaejoong’s presence. He’d been trying to keep his composure for the first hour that the young man wandered, but his desire to stay away was lessening with each passing minute.

As soon as Jaejoong finally began to make his way to him, Yunho didn’t know if he could keep his composure for much longer.

“You’re awake,” Yunho said slowly as he tried to avoid looking at Jaejoong’s temptingly smooth, alabaster chest. He kept his eyes to Jaejoong’s eyes, but they were every bit as entrancing as the rest of his body.

Jaejoong frowned playfully, “Yes, I am. Unfortunately, I woke up alone.”

Yunho swallowed hard, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, I understand. Changmin explained everything,” Jaejoong said with a small wave to the first mate that was standing behind Yunho, “Anyway, I was hoping that you’d be –“

“You’re red,” Yunho said as he blinked at Jaejoong, noticing the redness that had started appearing on Jaejoong’s shoulders. He pulled Jaejoong closer, and he glanced down at the burnt skin.

“I’m what –“

Changmin came over and glanced at Jaejoong, “You burn much faster than anyone else I’ve ever known,” he murmured, “It’s probably because of your fair skin. I think you still have some soothing lotion captain.”

Yunho reached out, and Jaejoong winced when Yunho touched the reddened skin.

“You’re sun burnt,” Yunho said with a small smile on his face, “I’m afraid you’ll have to go back indoors or else it’ll get worse.”

“But –“

Yunho called over one of his men, “Yoochun, see to it that Jaejoong’s taken back to my quarters. I can’t risk having his sun burn worsen.”

Jaejoong opened his mouth to protest, but Yunho only smiled in satisfaction as he was pulled away by Yoochun and led back below deck. Yunho chuckled to himself and turned to look at Changmin.

“It seems like the heavens are in my favor today,” Yunho said happily as he took the map out of Changmin’s hands, “I’ll have at least three days worth of reflection and peace as I think about what to do with him.”

Changmin rolled his eyes, “You’ll only be even more in love with him in that time.” The man said knowingly as he handed Yunho a compass, “Everyone knows it’s your fault that we stayed a month longer than planned because you were busy running around and following Jaejoong like a puppy.”

“I wasn’t –“

“You like him, and he likes you,” Changmin said with a shrug, “I don’t see why you insist on making things so difficult for the both of you –“

“His father, that’s why,” Yunho muttered as he looked up at the sky, “I am sure that Jaejoong’s father wants him back. If I get caught with Jaejoong at the next town, I am absolutely sure that I will get accused of kidnapping and rape even if Jaejoong says otherwise.”

“What is your plan then?”

Yunho rolled up the map and handed it to Changmin, “We’re leaving Jaejoong behind at the next town, and I will not change my mind.”


“How am I supposed to seduce Yunho like this?” Jaejoong whined as he glanced down at his body, “I look like something the Kraken threw up.”

Although the lotion smelled nice and soothed the burns on his skin, it looked absolutely foul. Jaejoong had no idea what its composition was, but it ended up looking rather lumpy and brown on his skin.

In short, he looked terrible.

Yoochun chuckled and fiddled with his violin, “Who knows, maybe Yunho likes you better this way.”

Jaejoong glared, “I somehow really doubt that. It’s been two days, and he hasn’t come inside the room yet.” He sighed and glanced down at the floor, “Changmin won’t let me out of the room, so I can’t go out and see him.”

Yoochun hummed sympathetically and toyed with his violin’s strings, “Jaejoong, why did you sneak on board?”

The younger man looked up, “I wanted to be free. I wanted to do what I wanted, and I wanted to…I wanted to know what it was like to be with someone I actually wanted to be with.”


Jaejoong shrugged, “At first I thought I was some kind of passing fancy of his,” he looked up at Yoochun, “I mean, I’m usually the passing interest of the sailors that pass our town, so I wasn’t surprised he kept stopping by. Eventually though, he actually started talking to me.”

“People don’t talk to you?”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes, “Of course they do, but usually I’m just something to be looked at by sailors. Yunho was the first one to talk to me, and he kept talking to me. He kept saying stupid things of course, but it was endearing.”

“Yunho tends to say stupid things often,” Yoochun said with a smile, “Why did you sneak onboard though? I’m sure you’re smart enough to notice that Yunho’s a pirate and not some average sailor.”

“I got jealous, and I didn’t want to be left behind,” Jaejoong said as he drew his knees close to his chest. “I wanted to find a way to stay close to him because I like him. Besides, my father and I have never been close, and my sisters are all married.”

“You’re quite a romantic, aren’t you?” Yoochun said with a laugh, “I’m sure Yunho likes that. He’s a romantic himself.”

Jaejoong pouted, “I want to get this stupid medicine off –“

“Hi Yunho, I didn’t notice you there earlier,” Yoochun said suddenly as he stopped fiddling with his violin. Jaejoong quickly tensed up, and his face turned red immediately at the mere mention of Yunho’s name.

How long had Yunho been standing there?

“I’ll leave now,” Yoochun spoke as he took his violin and stood up. He leant down and whispered into Jaejoong’s ear, “Actually, I saw him earlier. You’ll thank me for this in the future, trust me.”

As soon as Yoochun left, Jaejoong turned his head slowly and he cringed as soon as he saw Yunho, “Is there –“

Yunho set down the basin and cloth he was holding onto a table, “Is it okay if you sit still? I’ll remove the lotion because Changmin is too busy to do so, and I didn’t want to ask Yoochun for another favor.”

Jaejoong nodded mutely, and he breathed in deeply as Yunho slowly began to use the cloth to dab away at the lotion. His eyes fluttered shut, and as Yunho’s hands moved all over his body, he could feel himself stir. He bit his lip hard and as the towel brushed against one of his hardened nipples, he let out a tiny gasp.

His eyes opened, but Yunho wasn’t looking at him. Jaejoong couldn’t bear the constriction of his pants, and he inched closer to Yunho, hoping that the other man would see his problem and take pity on him.

Yunho moved the towel gently across Jaejoong’s body, and Jaejoong didn’t bother to restrain his soft moans. His hands were so soft, and Jaejoong wanted him to touch him in other places.

“Lie down,” Yunho murmured as soon as all the lotion was off Jaejoong’s body.

Jaejoong’s heart pounded in his chest, and he complied. He let out a whimper when Yunho’s hands moved to his pants. He watched with wide eyes as Yunho made quick work of his pants and pulled them off.

The cold air hit his aching member, and Jaejoong moaned as soon as Yunho’s mouth lowered over his erection. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as Yunho sucked softly and slowly, sending thousands of sparks of pleasure throughout his entire body.

Jaejoong moaned loudly as Yunho bobbed up and down, and he clasped the pirate’s hair tightly. The amount of pleasure he was feeling was immeasurable, and the feeling of Yunho’s tongue licking and teeth grazing his cock was too much to bear.

Yunho’s strong hands prevented him from bucking into the warmth, but nothing could stop the loud noises Jaejoong made as Yunho pleasured him further. Jaejoong mewled as Yunho sucked harder and took him in deeper, and his pride was lost as he moaned in pleasured abandon.

Yunho continued to torture him, and as soon as his hands wrapped around Jaejoong’s cock and he sucked harder than before, Jaejoong came into Yunho’s mouth. He bucked into the heat slightly, and he saw stars as Yunho swallowed almost everything from his release.

Jaejoong panted heavily, and he watched as Yunho pulled away from him. Yunho set the towel onto the table, and Jaejoong sat up slowly, his arms still unsteady as an effect of his orgasm.

“Where are you going?” Jaejoong breathed out.

Yunho looked at him, “I…”

“Let me help you, please?” Jaejoong said softly as he got off the bed and approached Yunho shamelessly. He pushed Yunho down onto the chair Yoochun had been sitting on earlier and fell to his knees.

He bit his lip at the sight of Yunho’s own cock straining against the fabric of his pants, and he moved his hands to run over the tented fabric. Yunho let out a low growl and tried to stand up, but Jaejoong pushed him back down.

“Let me do this for you,” Jaejoong murmured as he unbuckled Yunho’s pants with nervous, shaky hands. He pulled down Yunho’s clothes and got nudged in the face by Yunho’s large member.

His eyes widened at the sight of it, and he felt his own lust return. Jaejoong looked up at Yunho, making sure to hold eye contact, before he leaned forward and took a small lick at its head.

The taste was foreign to his tongue, but not altogether that unpleasant. Jaejoong’s heart pounded at his chest, and he was unsure of what to do next. He looked back up at Yunho and asked, “What should I do?”

“I don’t know,” Yunho breathed out, “What should you do?”

“I…I wasn’t paying attention earlier,” Jaejoong admitted shyly, “I liked it too much.”

Yunho groaned and his hand move southward to grasp at his erection, “Do you talk like that on purpose?”

Jaejoong watched as Yunho pumped his cock, and he bit his lip, “Talk like what?”

“Please, don’t do this to me.”

“Do what?” Jaejoong asked as he pulled Yunho’s hand away and replaced it with his own. He licked his lips, “Am I doing it right?” he questioned as he moved his hand up and down slowly, “I don’t know what to do –“

“Don’t play innocent.”

Jaejoong licked at the tip of Yunho’s cock once more, “I am innocent though. I don’t know what to do,” he murmured as he took the tip of Yunho’s erection and slowly began to suck.

Yunho groaned, and he clutched at Jaejoong’s hair tightly. He slowly urged Jaejoong to move down lower, but Jaejoong backed away. He bit his lip in embarrassment, “I…It won’t fit in my mouth.”

“Are you serious?” Yunho groaned as he opened his eyes to look down at the younger man, “I…I may be a virgin with men, but –“

“I’m a virgin with anything,” Jaejoong murmured, “Please teach me.”

“Stop making me feel like I’m defiling you,” Yunho muttered, “You talk like a school girl, and I feel like a corrupt person.”

Jaejoong’s lips stretched into a teasing smile as he crawled onto Yunho’s lap, “I am a very willing student though,” he murmured as he nuzzled close to Yunho and brushed his face against his. He thrust against Yunho, “I want to learn so much from you.”

“Oh God,” Yunho murmured before he bit at Jaejoong’s neck roughly, “Stop talking like that.”

“Like what?” Jaejoong moaned innocently as Yunho nipped at his neck harshly, “If I don’t stop talking like this, will you punish me?” he questioned, “I’ll willingly accept anything that you want to teach me.”

Yunho groaned and wrapped his hand around their erections, slowly pumping the two of them, “You’re a devil.”

Jaejoong moaned and buried his face into Yunho’s shoulder as he licked beads of sweat that rolled down the other’s neck, “Only for you,” he murmured as bucked into Yunho’s hand and moaned, “I only want you in me.”

“Not today,” Yunho murmured as he moved his hand faster, “I don’t have the necessary items for that.”

“Please?” Jaejoong pleaded, “I want it –“

Yunho kissed him softly and pulled away, “It’ll be your first…and to an extent, mine as well. I don’t want to hurt you. You’ll have to wait for me to buy what’s necessary before we can do it.”

Jaejoong pouted, “Lotion will do, I heard.” He nuzzled Yunho and kissed him chastely on the lips, “Anything that’s –“

“I said no,” Yunho said sternly before he captured Jaejoong’s mouth in a kiss once more. Their tongues battled for dominance, but Jaejoong gave into Yunho after a few minutes.

A few more strokes and thrusts later, Jaejoong came all over his body and Yunho’s, dirtying them both. He panted, and he noticed that Yunho had not come yet. Jaejoong kissed him quickly before he fell onto his knees shakily once more.

Before Yunho could protest, Jaejoong enveloped the large, aching member into his mouth and sucked. He didn’t know if he was doing it right, but from the way Yunho was moaning, he presumed he was doing it okay enough.

Yunho came into his mouth, and Jaejoong gagged slightly but did his best to swallow most of it down. Droplets escaped and streaked down his lips, and when Jaejoong looked up at Yunho, the other man was staring down at him with an almost unreadable expression.

“Was I –“

“Get onto the bed,” Yunho ordered, and Jaejoong quickly complied. He moved back onto the bed, and he watched as Yunho walked over and moved next to him. Jaejoong shivered, and Yunho pulled him close.

Jaejoong breathed in softly, and he could feel his heartbeat quicken.

“Is this real?” Yunho murmured as he nuzzled Jaejoong’s neck with his face and ran his hand up and down the other man’s slim waist, “Please don’t tell me that this is just a very, very good dream.”

“It’s not,” Jaejoong murmured as he turned around to meet Yunho’s eyes. He smiled shyly and ran his hands through Yunho’s damp locks, “It’s not.”

Yunho leaned down to kiss him once more, and Jaejoong’s heart nearly burst in his chest. While it was not a dream, the moment felt almost too good to be a reality.


Jaejoong stretched languidly and hummed in contentment. He and Yunho had been getting on well, and although Yunho still refused for them to go all the way, he was still content.

The door opened, and Changmin came in. He glanced at Jaejoong’s naked form and tossed a shirt at him, “I think it’s time you put some clothes on. Yunho’s going to be making a trade right now, so it’s best if you stay on deck in case something goes awry.”

“A trade?” Jaejoong questioned as he slipped Yunho’s shirt on, “I thought that was what the ports were for –“

“An illegal sort,” Changmin said with a shrug, “He is a pirate after all. There’s still stuff to be sold from the last…” he trailed off, “We still need to sell some of the things we stole from your father.”

“Oh, I see,” Jaejoong said indifferently as he dressed quickly. To be honest, he knew that his father wasn’t the most honest of jewelry dealers, so he didn’t mind too much. The fact he disliked the man also lessened the amount of pity he felt as well.

Jaejoong followed Changmin to the deck, and he paused when he noticed that Yunho was arguing with someone. The other man was much older than Yunho was, but from the scars that decorated his skin, Jaejoong knew he was dangerous.

“Aren’t you going to –“

Changmin glanced at him, “He’ll be alright.”

Jaejoong watched as the two men bickered, and he gushed with pride as he watched Yunho eventually say some words that made the other man’s temper subside. Eventually they reached a mutual understanding, and soon men from both ships were moving trunks between both vessels.

“Jaejoong, come here,” Yunho called him over, and Jaejoong quickly walked over to his side. He felt the man’s eyes on him, and he glanced up at him curiously.

The man stared back at him with equal curiosity before he turned his eyes to Yunho suspiciously, “Are you sure about this one?” he questioned, “He’s pretty, but are you sure he isn’t just bait?”

Jaejoong frowned, “I’m not –“

Yunho raised his eyes, “I trust him with my life,” he replied as he snaked his hand around Jaejoong’s waist and pulled him closer. “Anyway, I called him over because I have one more deal of business with you.”

“What is it?” the older man asked as he counted the gold in his hands, “If you want me to find you another pretty boy for your pleasure then –“

“He’s not looking for more company!” Jaejoong burst out angrily as he glared at the man for even suggesting the idea, “I’m more than enough.”

The older man laughed, “Possessive one, isn’t he? It doesn’t match with his angelic looks,” he tossed his coins up and down, “Well, what do you want?”

Yunho chuckled at the man’s comments and squeezed Jaejoong’s waist encouragingly before he spoke, “I need to make sure there aren’t any naval ships nearby. I’m going to be making a stop in a few days, and Jaejoong has only just left home, so –“

“Ah, I see,” the man scratched his beard thoughtfully, “The last I heard, there are none nearby and I have seen none in quite some time. I suggest you leave the merchant’s son on the ship though, just to be on the safe side.”

Yunho nodded, “I would prefer if you kept the news about me having a merchant’s son for a lover to be kept secret. If too many find out and word slips to any officer, then I risk being hunted down.”

“I understand,” the older man chuckled, “Though I’m sorry to say, many have heard of you getting hit by a rickshaw in your pursuit of a certain someone.” He spoke knowingly, and he smiled kindly at Jaejoong, who merely laughed.

Yunho frowned, “I didn’t get hit, it grazed me –“

“He got hit by the rickshaw and knocked over a whole barrel of gun powder,” Jaejoong cut in with a smile, “He had to pay for everything.”

The older pirate laughed loudly, and the men nearby chuckled. Yunho shook his head disapprovingly and buried his face into Jaejoong’s shoulder in embarrassment, “I thought you said you would keep that a secret.”

Jaejoong laughed and kissed Yunho on the forehead, “I’m sorry my love, but you’re free to punish me tonight for being wicked.”

“It’s not punishment if you enjoy it,” Yunho muttered.


Yunho relished the feeling of Jaejoong’s body against his as he led the man around the stalls. He glanced at Jaejoong, whose face was lit up with delight as he tried to familiarize himself with everything in the foreign environment. Yunho smiled at the innocence on the younger man’s features and as soon as he caught sight of a familiar stall, his strides lengthened.

However, he froze as soon as he caught sight of a naval officer.

“What’s –“ Jaejoong stopped mid-sentence and noticed the man dressed primly in his dark blue uniform. He held onto Yunho’s arm tightly and looked up at him, “I don’t think my father has posted a notice yet –“

Yunho quickly pulled a shawl off a rack and wrapped it around Jaejoong’s head, effectively concealing his face. He laughed at the irritated expression on Jaejoong’s face and paid the furious woman who presumed that he’d been trying to steal the horrendous shawl.

“What are you doing?” Jaejoong snapped, “You could’ve at least stolen a nicer shawl. This looks like a carpet my grand aunt used to own, and I hated that carpet as much as I hated her.”

“I had to find some way to hide your face,” Yunho replied lightly as he pulled Jaejoong to a different direction that would lead them around the naval officer but still lead them back to the stall where they meant to go.

Jaejoong held onto Yunho’s arm tightly, “Why do we have to hide me?” he glanced down at the path, “I want to walk around with you in public…”

Yunho glanced at Jaejoong, “It’s better to be safe than sorry. This is a port that still largely supports the law, so it’s more likely that someone would take you in order to receive any reward your father may have put up.”

“Even from afar my father ruins my life,” Jaejoong mumbled as they rounded a corner and finally caught sight of their original destination once more. “I should introduce you to the rest of my family – what a pair we’d make.”

“A pirate and a merchant’s son?” Yunho asked as he looked around the area to make sure there were no more naval officers around, “I don’t think your family would be very agreeing of us at all even if we weren’t both men.”

“You’re such a handsome pirate though,” Jaejoong said teasingly as he avoided being hit by a merchant’s cart, “If we cut a few inches off your hair and dressed you in something neater, I’m sure you’d pass for a naval officer. I do like your rugged look though - it’s very masculine and attractive.”

Yunho chuckled, “Stop it. I’m supposed to be concentrating.”

“Well, I’m supposed to be happily naked and waiting for you to ravish me,” Jaejoong shot back teasingly with an amused smile, “I guess we’re both not doing what we’re supposed to be doing.”

Yunho rolled his eyes at Jaejoong’s comment and quickly led him into the crowd of people while maintaining his grip on Jaejoong’s hand. They maneuvered their way across the street, and it wasn’t soon before they were in front of the stall.

The moment they were in front of the store, Yunho glanced down at the vials on display. He took hold of three and paid the woman quickly before he grasped Jaejoong’s hand and led him away like they’d never been there at all.

“Is that it?” Jaejoong whispered with an excited tone in his voice. He brushed his body closer to Yunho’s in the tight crowd, “Will you have your way with me now?”

Yunho chuckled, “Is sex all you think about it?”

“Not all the time,” Jaejoong muttered as he pulled at the shawl that covered his face almost completely. “It’s hard not to think about it though when you wander around without a shirt nearly all the time.”

Yunho laughed and led Jaejoong back to the ship. Most of the men were enjoying themselves at the port town’s bar, and Yunho didn’t expect any of them to come back until dawn at earliest.

He and Jaejoong made their way to his room, but as soon as Yunho was about to open his door, Jaejoong pulled him back.

“Wait,” Jaejoong whispered, “May…may I ask something of you?”

Yunho blinked, “What is it?”

“Give me five minutes before you come in,” Jaejoong said as he pulled the shawl off his head. He bit his lip and fluttered his eyes at Yunho, “Please? I promise you won’t regret waiting.”

Yunho chuckled, “Okay then.”

Jaejoong smiled up at Yunho prettily before he turned away and entered the room on his own. Yunho leaned against the door and shut his eyes for a moment as he started to count the seconds that passed.


As soon as he was inside the room, Jaejoong made quick work of all his clothes. He pulled them off recklessly and tossed them around the room before he realized that he’d forgotten to take one of the vials out of his pants.

He’d stolen one from Yunho – the other being too distracted by his flirting to have noticed his small act of thievery. Jaejoong made his way onto the bed before he hastily uncapped the bottle, some of the liquid spilling onto the mattress.

He coated his fingers with the liquid before he spread out his legs. Jaejoong let out a heavy breath and shut his eyes, as his hand passed his cock and brushed against his tight entrance.

He pushed one finger in and whimpered. It hurt, and it was tight. To be honest, it didn’t even feel as pleasurable as he thought it would but he knew that he would have to add another finger. Jaejoong moaned softly as he inserted another finger, and he bit his lip so that Yunho wouldn’t hear.

One of his fingers brushed past a sensitive area, and Jaejoong moaned out loudly. He bit his lip harder and pulled his fingers out. He glanced at the door and waited for Yunho to come in.

His plan was to appear as debauched and tempting as he could possibly appear, and as he felt Yunho’s eyes rake hungrily over his figure, he knew that his plan had worked.


“Have you…” Yunho’s words died in his mouth as he noticed the trail of liquid that seeped out of Jaejoong’s lower body. He swallowed hard and slowly removed his shirt, pausing to place it onto a chair.

Jaejoong whimpered, and Yunho walked around the room, almost pretending like the other man wasn’t naked and wanting on his bed. He circled Jaejoong before he pulled the rest of his clothes off and joined Jaejoong on the bed.

Yunho slathered the lubricant onto his fingers, and he pushed Jaejoong roughly back down as the other tried to sit up. Jaejoong got onto his knees, and he let out a loud groan as soon as Yunho’s fingers slipped in.

He clenched the bed sheets tightly, and his eyes wrenched shut as Yunho scissored him open wider, “Yunho – ah, Yunho,” he moaned. Yunho’s fingers thrust in deeper, and as he watched Jaejoong come undone, he could feel himself get even harder.

Jaejoong moaned even louder, and Yunho pulled his fingers out. The other man was panting heavily, and Yunho moved him onto his back. Everything was a pleasurable haze, and Jaejoong could barely feel anything other than Yunho.

Yunho was being incredibly dominant, and Jaejoong carded his fingers through Yunho’s hair and pulled him closer as Yunho kissed him roughly. Their mouths moved together naturally, and as Yunho began to buck against him, Jaejoong could only moan loudly in pleasure.

He refused to stop the pleasurable friction, and he didn’t stop grinding against Yunho as the latter littered his neck with love bites. Jaejoong sank his nails into the tanned flesh of Yunho’s back, and he panted heavily as he felt Yunho move away to slather more lubricant onto his dick.

Jaejoong watched Yunho in fascination, and he felt himself grow harder at the thought of what was to come next. Yunho thrust into him deeply, and Jaejoong cried out in both pain and pleasure.

As Yunho pushed into him deeply, there was a slight ache but as Yunho continued to pound into him, it was overwhelmed by the sensations of that ran throughout his body with each one of Yunho’s thrusts.

It took a while before they found their rhythm, but as soon as they did, Jaejoong was completely lost to the world. Jaejoong moaned as Yunho thrust into him, and he clawed at Yunho’s back.

He didn’t know how much longer he could go. Everything was too much, and as soon as Yunho’s callused hand wrapped around his cock, Jaejoong knew that he wouldn’t last much longer. After a few more strokes and thrusts, Jaejoong came between their bodies. His release made their bodies even slicker than before and he mewled as Yunho continued to thrust, desperate for his own release.

Eventually, Yunho came and filled Jaejoong completely. They both panted heavily, and Yunho brushed away sweaty locks of Jaejoong’s hair in order to kiss his forehead sweetly.

He pressed his forehead against Jaejoong’s and met his eyes, “Will you never leave me?” he questioned, “Will you stay with me?”

Jaejoong chuckled softly and whispered a yes before he leaned up and kissed Yunho once more, reigniting their passion which had temporarily subsided in favor of lighter emotions of love.

As Yunho kissed up the smooth column of his neck, Jaejoong hummed in pleasure and held onto Yunho tightly as his eyes fluttered shut.

There was no way he could leave Yunho, the owner of his heart and the most valuable treasure of his life.

Author’s Note: Oh lovely ummar, I hoped you enjoyed this. XD I hope the smut doesn’t come off as awkward. D: Thank you for reading, and I hope you all like it. ♥

Tags: au, fluff, humor, romance, story: oneshot, title: unusual waters, type: fanfic, yunjae
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